MARCH 1998 (Vol. 1, #1)

(Mark Wauahdooah, editor)

President’s Letter

Committee’s Financial Report

Origin of CLCPC

Master-Apprentice Team Project

1998 Summer Immersion Camp

Private Language Lessons Excel

Comanche Hymns Class

Texas Historical Trip (April 1998)

NM Urban Population


OCTOBER 1998 (Vol. 1, #2)

(Mark Wauahdooah, editor)

Letter From The President

Palo Duro/Adobe Walls Trip

Native Languages Status Report

Adobe Walls Visit pics.

Language Summer Camp (June 1998)

Thank you from Barbara & Kenneth

Ron’s Saying "We Are All Related"

Code Talkers Medal of Honor Sought

Lannan M-A Training Agenda

Language Classes in Santa Fe

Raffle winners announced


MAY 1999 (Vol. 2, #1)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

From the President (his saying)

Trip to Comanche Peak

Pics of trip

Status of M-A Project

Comanches to Train Others

Noble Jr. High Students Visit

NAIWA Meeting at Fort Cobb

Richard Codopony Jr. Honored


JULY 1999 (Vol. 2, #2)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter From the President

CLCPC’s Mission Statement

Tribe’s 1999 Summer Camp

Bible Baptist Translation Institute visit

A Comanche Prophet (story)

Indigenous Language Status Report

Comanche Elder Gets New Phone

Buffalo Burger Cook-Out

Visit To West Texas Museums

The Lord’s Prayer

Lannan M-A Project

Ron’s Saying

Language & Cultural Panel

Indian Tacos Served to Upward Bound

Fall Encampment Dates Announced

Calendar of Events

Native Language Web Sites

Products Price List


SEPTEMBER 1999 (Vol. 2, #3)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter from the President

Buffalo Cook-Out Reminder

Panel Discussion Held at Museum

Lannan M-A Team Project

Pictures of final evaluation

1999 Fall Encampment Schedule

Elliott Canonge Remembered

Amazing Grace

Week-End Trip to Amarillo (by Deloris)

The Blackfeet Language

Mailing List Info

UTA Symposium

Calendar of Events

Products Price List

Special Notice included

      re: Michael RedElk’s death


NOVEMBER 1999 (Vol. 2, #4)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter From The President

New Look (logo and watermark)

Trip to Medicine Mounds

Ron’s Saying

1999 Comanche Nation Fair

      Story Telling

      Fair Booth

Cultural Series at Musuem

1999 Fall Encampment

Cable/Kreger Team attend Preston Conf.

New Dictionary Work Nearing Completion

Lannan M-A Project, Year Three


JANUARY 2000 (Vol. 3, #1)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter From the President (some Comanche)

Carney Saupitty’s Saying (in Comanche)

Vincent Martinez’s Prayer (in Comanche)

Comanche Code Talkers Honored

Pictures taken during 1999

Ron’s Saying

From our Mailbag...

      Ed Benz

      Upward Bound

      Leanne Hinton

      Borger News-Herald

Comanche Stories

      Blind Lady

      Snake Woman

      Story About The Deer

      Nauts Punee Story

      The Story of Loud Singer

      Origin of Days and Seasons

      Origin of Arrowheads

      The Giant Comes For Maidens

      What Became of the Giant

Community Language Classes Begin

More internet sites


MARCH 2000 (Vol. 3, #2)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter From The President

Community Language Classes

Lannan M-A Update

Shoshoni Newsletter

Tulsa Language Conference


Yahnee Corner

      Easy for you to say!

      Going up or down!

      The effects of tranquilizers

Comanche Stories:


      Another Nautsa Punee Story

      Moopits Story


Indigenous Language Status Report

More Internet Web Sites

Carney Saupitty’s Words

Ronald Red Elk’s Saying


MAY 2000 (Vol. 3, #3)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter From the President

Comanche Language Classes

Field Linguist Report:

      From Mary S. Linn

N.M. Youth Language Fair

Shoshone Nation Reunion

Fund Raisers Held:

      Kwitatsi (Bote) Sale

      Gourd Dance

      Apache Taco Sale

Letter from Dr. Fred Muscavitch

Comanche Language CD-ROM

Indian Thoughts Lecture

      Dr. Reaves Nahwooks


JULY 2000 (Vol. 3, #4)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter From The President (in Comanche)

Community Language Classes

Historical Note (by Deloris & Sam)

Shoshone Reunion (by Deloris)

The Trip To Fort Hall, Idaho (by Carmilita)

Shoshone Nation Reunion (by Reaves)

Sacajawea Coin

M-A Project Nearing Completion

Comanches Train Creek Nation (by Billie)

Ura - Comanche Little Ponies &

          Motah Family Pow-Wow

Summer Camp


SEPTEMBER 2000 (Vol. 3, #5)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

“From The President” (in Comanche)

Comanche Tribe’s A.N.A. Project

I.P.O.L.A. Honoring Geneva Navarro

Comanche Alphabet Song (in Comanche)

Special Phones For Elders

N.A.I.W.A. Meeting Held

Comanche Hymn #1/ Comanche Hymn #2

    *these had mistakes, corrected next issue

“We Are All Related”

Important Notice

Comanche Nation Fair 2000 Schedule

Fall Encampment 2000

More Photos From Fort Hall, Idaho


NOVEMBER 2000 (Vol. 3, #6)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

From the President

We Are All Related

New Web Site Address

New E-Mail Address

Exciting Future Plans

Honoring For Geneva Navarro

Singing Classes To Begin

Fall Encampment 2000

Code Talkers Video For Sale

Comanche Hymns:

      Follow On (in Comanche)

      Take the Name of Jesus with you

              (written in Comanche)

Comanche Story:

      Quail’s Children  (in Comanche)

Old Historic Photograph


JANUARY 2001 (Vol. 4, #1)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

From the President   (in Comanche)

Prayer for Geronimo   (in Comanche)

Red Elk Speech (in Comanche)

Comanche Language Classes

Comanche Singing Classes

New Web Site Address

New E-Mail Address

Language Newsletter News

Old Photographs

Comanche Stories:

      Origin of Man

      Two Buffalo That Spoke

      Trickster and the Coyote

      Coyote and the Prairie Dogs

      Coyote and Turtle

      The Spirit Horse

      A Legend of Long Ago

      How Frog Got His Warts

Code Talkers Video For Sale

Hoke Denetsopie


MARCH 2001 (Vol. 4, #2)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

From the President

     Paper Written by Michael Red Elk

Margaret Poahway Beaming

Language Committee Honored

The Fort Sill Dispatch (reprint)

Reprint from 1843; re: Comanches

Fort Hall 2001 Trip Information


Community Language Classes

Megan Oberly, language student

Comanche Singing Classes

Comanche Stories:

     Sumu Ekapitu Mahimia (in Comanche)

      Ancestors and Relatives (in Comanches)

      A Legend About The Buffalo

      A Raid For Horses


We Are All Related


MAY 2001 (Vol. 4, #3)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

From the President --

      Thank you to Campbell’s

      Road to Lawton story   (in Comanche)

Oregon Tribal Elders May Be Teachers

University and Indian Tribe Join Project

Native Youth Language Fair

Comanche Language CD-ROM

New Comanche Dictionary

Lesson Plans Nearing Completion

Comanche Hymn Book

Three Kinds of People

Comanche Journey to Santa Anna

The Rest of the Story

2nd Annual Shoshone Nations Reunion

Visitors From Coalgate (OK)

Dolls, Dolls, Everywhere

Taa Nami



JULY 2001 (Vol. 4, #4)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Comanche Lessons Available

Shoshonean Reunion

Some Thoughts On Fort Hall

Hand Games

Comanche Tribe’s Summer Camp

Comanche Singing

New Comanche Web Site

Comanche Health Representatives

2001 Fall Encampment

Comanche Nation Fair

Fort Hall Photographs

     (Photos Courtesy Bill Southard

      and Zona Atetewuthtakewa)


SEPTEMBER 2001 (Vol. 4, #5)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

New CLCPC Officers

Letter From The (New) President

Comanche Lessons Available

2001 Fall Encampment

“Project Teaching”

Comanche Woman To Be Honored

     (Sonja Atetewuthtakewa)

The Pahdopony Cradleboard

Legend Of The Dream Catcher

10th Annual Comanche Nation Fair

The Woman Of The Western Star

    A Legend of the Rangers

Half of World’s 6,800 Languages

     Facing Extinction


NOVEMBER 2001 (Vol. 4, #6)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter From The President

Project Teaching

2001 Fall Encampment

Comanche Dictionary Status

Comanche Song Book

Halloween Party


      Regulation of the Seasons;

      Origin of Death

      The Seven Stars

      How The Spots On The Moon Origi.

      The Deer That Ate People

Christmas Songs:

      Joy To The World

      Silent Night

      O Come, All Ye Faithful

      Jingle Bells

Merry Christmas!


JANUARY 2002 (Vol. 5, #1)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

“Letter From The President”

Comanche Dictionary Update

Latest Happenings

November — National

      Native American Month

Comanche Song Books

Comanche Code Talkers

Comanche Stories For Winter:

      Coyote Story #1 (in Comanche)    

          (translation for story #1)

      Coyote Story #2 (in Comanche)

          (translation for story #2)

      Coyote Story #3   (in Comanche)

           (translation for story #3)


MARCH 2002 (Vol. 5, #2)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

“Letter From The Editor”

      (Theresa Saupitty obituary)

Language Newsletters

Comanche Stories:

      Adventure Story #1 (in Comanche)

      Adventure Story #2 (in Comanche)

      Adventure Story #3 (in Comanche)

      Adventure Story #4 (in Comanche)

      Adventure Story #5 (in Comanche)

          (translations for all stories)

Dictionary Status

Comanche Singing

Comanche Code Talkers

“We Are All Related” (in Comanche)

CLCPC Motto (in Comanche)


MAY 2002 (Vol. 5, #3)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter from the President

Dictionary Status

Comanche Songs

Community Cultural Sessions

Annual Youth Fair - Santa Fe

Summer Fun Camp

Summer Camp 2002

Korean War Veterans

An Observation

Honor Plaque

Shoshone Reunion 2002



JULY 2002 (Vol. 5, #4)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter from the President

Comanche Code Talkers

     Medals of Honor Update

“The Guardian”

The Shoshone, Bannock and

     Fort Hall Reservation

Shoshone Reunion 2002 Overview

Shoshone Reunion 2002 Schedule

Titchywy/Wissische Reunion


SEPTEMBER 2002, Vol. 5, #5

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter from the President

Briefing On A Comanche

     Story Telling Place

Comanche Nation College Begins

Comanches Travel to Elkhart KS

A Story About Prairie Chickens

11th Annual Comanche Nation Fair

Story Telling Contest

2002 Shoshone Reunion

Comanche Nation To Celebrate

     Native American Month

Proposed Cultural Center/Museum


DECEMBER 2002 (Vol. 5, #6)

Letter From The President

Busy Season For CLCPC

      Comanche Nation Fair

      Story Telling Contest

      Shoshone Reunion

      N.A. Celebration at Fort Sill

      Ron Red Elk’s Award

      Comanche Housing Authority

      Comanche Song Book

      Comanche Dictionary

Christmas Party for Elders

“Joy To The World”

“Silent Night”

“O Come All Ye Faithful”

“Jingle Bells”

Change in Publication Date

Story Telling Time

      Comanche Boy Who Was Captured

      Big Arrow

      The Feather Hunt

      The Healer And The Healed


      Nu ah nuh




FEBRUARY 2003 (Vol. 6, #1)

(Barbara Goodin, editor)

Letter from the President

Valentine’s Day

Message For All Comanches

Comanche Lessons CD Available

Comanche Kinship

Thank You

Comanche Stories: (all in English)

   Red Rock Canyon

   Ase Kono

   Pia Moopitsi Kahni

   Chief Brave Heart

   The Cinderella Boy

Respect & Consideration

Taa Nm Tekwap

   Comanche Language I Class


April 2003 (Vol. 6, #2)

“Letter From The President”

Sadness In Our Hearts

In Memory Of:

    Margaret Poahway

CLCPC Bingo & Food Sale

Wanted: Comanche Singers

Do You Know These Men?

OK Native American Youth

   Language Fair

Megan Oberly Honored

Comanche Code Talkers

   Gen. Hugh Foster Jr.

Book Signing Scheduled

Book Review:

   Comanche Code Talkers


June 2003 (Vol. 6, #3)

Washington D.C. Trip

Book Signing Report


   Code Talker Day

Code Talker Books For Sale

Honoring Our Elder Speakers

Fund Raisers Held

Annual Shoshone Reunion at

   Fort Washakie, Wyoming

Reunion Schedule

C.L.C.P.C. Itinerary

New Dictionary Available


August 2003 (Vol. 6, #4)

Letter From The President

In Memory of Leonard

   “Black Moon” Riddles

Language Scholarships

Geography Educators

Comanche Language Workshops

Fort Washakie Photos


October 2003 (Vol. 6, #5)

“Letter From The President”

       by Ronald Red Elk

Comanche Nation Fair

Story Telling Contest

CBC Meeting

Comanche Sounds Workshops

Monument Dedication In Wichita Falls

Rural Address Changes

CLCPC Monthly Meetings

Products For Sale


December 2003 (Vol. 6, #6)

“Letter From The President”

      by Ronald Red Elk

Comanche Sounds Workshops

Meeting Reminders

Quarterly Newsletter

Comanche Cinderella Story

      By Juanita Pahdopony-Mithlo

More Comanche Stories

      The Lost Kiowa Girl

      The Mountain Ghost

A Christmas Story

      by Barbara Goodin

Christmas Songs in Comanche

      “Jingle Bells”

      “Joy To The World”

      “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

      “Silent Night”

Christmas Ideas


March 2004 (Vol. 7 #1)

Letter From The President

      by Ronald Red Elk

      (includes a letter from a reader)

Saying Dying Dialects article

The Turtle Story

      (in Comanche & English)

The Grasshopper Story

      (in Comanche & English)

2nd Annual OK Native Language Fair

Comanche Sounds Workshops

Native American Genealogy Conference

Comanche Children’s Video


June 2004 (Vol. 7 #2)

Letter from The President

      (includes a Comanche story)

Tee-Shirts Presented To Winners Of

      OK Language Fair

Comanche Children’s Video Available

Comanche Bands (from our Dictionary)

Our Relatives (in Comanche)

Smithsonian American Indian Museum

      Opening Soon

Shoshone V Reunion

Ura (Thank You: new mailing addresses)

The Lord’s Prayer

Professor To Help Save Languages

Happy Birthday Song

Our Numbers (in Comanche)

Old McDonald Song (in Comanche)

“We Are All Related”

Comanche Language Moto


September 2004 (Vol. 7 #3)

Letter From The President

      Ron Red Elk

Concern For Our Language

      by Greg (Poahway) Steen

Credit Where Credit Is Due

New Exhibit at Visitor’s Center

13th Annual Comanche Nation Fair

Researching Indian Heritage

Festival To Honor Native

      Language Writers

Comanche Bands

Children’s Health Fair

New Service Offered


December 2004 (Vol. 7 #4)

Letter From The President

    Ron Red Elk

Indian Leader Has It Right

2004 Comanche Nation Fair

    Story Telling

    Food Baskets for Elderly

    Language Learning Packets

2004 Shoshone Nations Reunion

Sheridan Road School Fall Carnival

Academic Bowl at Comanche College

Comanche Stories (in English)

How Armadillo Got His Armor

     (by Pahdopony & Mithlo)

Turtle’s Red Eyes & Snake’s Bob Tail

     (from Comanche Texts by E. Riddles)

The Buffalo Are Coming (by Mow-wat)

Netah’s Sacrifice (by Randlett Parker)

Christmas Songs in Comanche Language          

     Jingle Bells (by Velma Akoneto)

      Joy To The World(by Deacon Topetchy)

      O Come, All Ye Faithful (Wauahdooah)

Loss of our friends:

      Eva Mae Portillo Riddles

      William Roy Southard


March 2005 (Vol. 8 #1)

Letter From The President: Ron Red Elk

   “Learning To Speak Comanche”

Comanche Resources

Comanche Songs with CDs

The Jerome Agreement

    (list of all 456 signers)

Comanche Story

     The Hilltop by Anna Gomez, 1940


June-July-August 2005 (Vol. 8 #2)

Letter From The President

   Consolidation of Language

Editor: We’re late – We Know!

Items of Interest:

   Apes Learning Language

   Young Children and Language

Message from Earl Lawrence

AC/DC T-V Given Away

Medicine Lodge Treaty

Chief Ten Bears Speech

List of Medicine Lodge Signers

Names of Streams & Mountains


September-October 2005 (Vol 8 #3)

Letter from Terry Navarro Gomez

Letter from Ron Red Elk, president

Letter from Dustin Tahmahkera

Letter from J. Richard Parker

Letter from Kerry Kennington

Letter from Jim Warson

Letter from Doug Whalen

Letter from John E. McLaughlin

2005 Shoshone Nations Reunion

   Charlene Tahdooahnippah article

   Leslie Whitefeather article

2005 Comanche Nation Fair


November-December 2005 (Vol 8 #4)

Letter from the President

   Ronald Red Elk

Making It Personal


Comanche Language Conference

Taa Numu tekwa Unuu

The Loss Of Our Language

In Memory of Sam Pahdopony

Stolen Girl, A Cheyenne Story

     by Nita Pahdopony

I Was Always Different

     by Kerry Kennington

Comanche Culture: Traditional Attire

Texas Meteorite

Thank You

Attention Comanche Veterans

Hand Game Songs:

     Eka Muraa

      Pisuni?a Haitsikatu

      A Man Standing On A Hill

      Chant Song

      Flapping Sleeves Song

      Flirt Song

      Another Chant Song

Happy Birthday Song in Comanche

Comanche Hymn: God Be With You

Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas in Comanche


January 2006 (Vol. 9 #1)

Letter from the President

     Ronald Red Elk

Another Treasure Lost

     Ray Niedo 1920-2005


Indian Microfilm:

     Interview with E.L. Clark

     “What Every Indian Family Needs”

     Interview with William Karty

Comanches Honored in OKC

     Billie Kreger

     Geneva Navarro

Comanche Language Conference

No More Squaw Creek

     by Jan Woomahvoyah

Joyful Christmas


April 2006 (Vol. 9 #2)

Letter from the President

     Ronald Red Elk

“We Are All Related” – Ronald Red Elk

“Learning To Speak Comanche”

     Special Project report

Comanche Sounds & Spelling

     System DVD

Comanche Children’s DVD

Comanche Hymn Singing Set

2006 Shoshone Nations Reunion

     Planning Meetings

Dictionary Revision Update

Sounds & Spelling System Workshop

Something of Interest:

Our Relatives, reprint from

     American Anthropological Assn.

Comanche Interviews, from the

     Doris Duke Collection, O.U.

      > Indian Police

      > Comanche Bands

      > Learning to make Moccasins

Comanche Story:

     The Hoodwinked Dancers


July 2006 (Vol. 9 #3)

Letter from the President

     Ronald Red Elk

Partnership with Language Office

Onáa Program Pow-Wow

OK History Center Grand Opening

Conversation DVD

Comanche Nation College

Breaking News!

Doris Duke Collection Interviews:

     John Chibitty

     Sarah Pohocsucut


October 2006 (Vol. 9 #4)

Letter from the President

     Ronald Red Elk

Comanche Board Game

New Oklahoma Quarter

This Issue Is Early

Shoshone Reunion Schedule

Comanche Nation Fair Schedule


     Carney Saupitty Sr.

     Geneva Navarro

Doris Duke Collection

     Mary Poafpybitty Interview

“We Are All Related”


January 2007 (Vol. 10 #1)

Letter from the President,

     Ronald Red Elk

     "Christmas Camping" story

Think About This

     (English spelling of words)

Hidden Voices/Coded Words

     Code Talkers Exhibit

Looking Back on 2006

"We Are All Related"

"Indian Life In Winter Time" story

Reprint from Anampa Achukma Newsletter

     Re: singing and language

Ruth Palmer Interview from the

     Doris Duke Collection

Products For Sale


April 2007 (Vol. 10 #2)

Letter From The President

     Ronald Red Elk

We Have A New Address

The Ice Storm of 2007

Three Kinds of People

A Success Story

     Dr. James Warson

Food For Thought

Kiowa Documentary

     Donna Rowell

Doris Duke Collection:

     Joe Attocknie Interview

     Dana Chibitty Interview

Products For Sale


July 2007 (Vol. 10 #3)

Letter From The President

     Ronald Red Elk

Beloved Treasure Lost

     Lucille McClung, 1918-2007

"Learning To Speak Comanche"

     Second Year Funded

Tid Bits:

     Lois Kane, Shoshone

     Comanche Veteran's on web

     Constitution Review web site

     Good News Newsletter quotes

Collective Cultural Guilt

     Lance Morgan

Cherokee Spoken Here

     Diana West

Comanche Language Conference

     July 9, 2007

What Do We Do?

"We Are All Related"

     Ronald Red Elk

Products For Sale


October 2007 (Vol. 10  # 4)

Letter From The President

    Ronald Red Elk

"Learning To Speak Comanche"

    Year Two Guidelines

2007 Comanche Nation Fair

Daughter of Dawn

    Silent Film From 1920


    Missions in 1934

Modern Day Story

    The Coyote & The Mouse


    by Carney Saupitty

Products For Sale


January 2008 (Vol. 11 #1)

Letter From The President

    Ronald Red Elk

If We Got It Wrong -- Tell Us

We Already Knew This

2008 Proclaimed International

    Year of Languages

Lonnie Racehorse, the Passing

    Of A Friend

Comanche Stories:

    Gift Giving, Comanche Oral Narratives

    Morals & Manners, story XXIII

    Morals & Manners, story XXII

    Comanches Meet Navajo

    The Captured Navajo

Annual CLCPC Christmas Party

Prayers Needed

Alaskan Native Languages

    from the Associated Press

Products For Sale


April 2008 (Vol. 11 #2)

President's Letter

    Billie Kreger

Documenting Comanche History

In Memory-- Reaves Nahwooks

Native Women's Health

Comanche Language DVDs

Doris Duke Collection:

     Dana Chibitty Interview

Products For Sale

"We Are All Related"


July 2008 (Vol 11 #3)

Letter From President

     Billie Kreger


Indian Tacos (from OK Today)

Nostalgia: Indian Style

     by Joseph Shunkamolah

Remembering Our Past

     1st CLCPC Meeting, 1993

Until We walk Together Again

     by Richard Gonzales

Sarah Pohocsucut Interview

     From Doris Duke Collection

Comanche Language DVDs

Products For Sale


OCTOBER 2008 (Vol 11 #4)

2008 Comanche Nation Fair

Chief Ten Bear's Speech

Medicine Lodge Treaty signers

Treaty of 1835 signers

Treaty of 1846 signers

Treaty of 1853 signers

Treaty of 1846 signers

Treaty of 1853 signers

Treaty of 1865 signers

Spelling Contest

Emily Riddles Stories:

     The Teepee Story

     The Hunting Story

     The Grapes Story

     The Turkey Story

     The Wild Hog Story

     The Roasted Racoon Story

     Lily Roots Story

     Ration Day Story

Products For Sale


JANAURY 2009 (Vol 12 #1)

Community Classes in 2009

A Few Facts About Words

Videos to DVDs

Audio Cassettes to CDs

Another Comanche Hymn Book

Need a Good Laugh?

Another Good Laugh

Spelling Contest

Comanche Pendleton For Sale

Eight Points For Learning

Emily Riddles Stories:

     Fairy Tales & Fables #VIII,

          #XI and #XII

     Manners & Morals #XVIII,

          #XIX, #XX and # XXI

Early Indian Police

Products For Sale


Happy New Year!


APRIL 2009 (Vol 12 #2)

Community Classes Held

    April through July

Comanche Language Fair

     Planned In July

Comanche Dictionary Revision

Indian Tree Trails

Carlisle Indian School

Through Native Eyes

     Shows on PBS April-May

Good News Newsletter

"When It's Gone, It's Gone"

     Documentary, Norman School

Native Americans Find Their Voice

     Paul Harris, The Observer

"We Are All Related"

     Ronald Red Elk

Products For Sale


July 2009 (Vol. 12 #3)

2009 Spring/Summer Classes

Note From the Editor:

     Passing of Gloria Cable

Carlisle Indian School

     from Julianna Brannum

Ruth Palmer Interview

     from Doris Duke Collection

Indiahoma: A Merger of Cultures

     from The History of Comanche County

A Love Song turned "49 Song

     The "Pizza Song"

Products For Sale


Oct-Nov-Dec 2009 (Vol. 12 #4)

No-Hands Song

Our Caddo Neighbors

Another Milestone

     Cassettes to CDs

Upcoming Events

     Dictionary Meeting

     Community Classes to Start

Stories from Doris Duke Collection

     Mary Poafpybitty Niedo

          How Old Women Got Clothes

          Coyote Helped Comanches

     Joe Attocknie

          Story About Lost Brother

Products For Sale


Jan-Feb-Mar 2010 (Vol 13 # 1)

President's Letter

     Ron Red Elk

Three Kinds Of People

     What Kind Are You?

Community Language Classes

Comanche Stories

     Indian Life In Winter Time

     Men Like Prairie Dogs

     Little Bear Fights Panther

     Butterflies Flying

Doris Duke Collection

     Joe Attocknie Interview, 1969

"We Are All Related"

     Ronald Red Elk

Products For Sale

Audio Cassettes to CDs List


Apr-May-June 2010 (Vol #13, #2)

President's Letter

    Ron Red Elk

In Memory of

    Gloria Marie Haumpy

Comanche Language CDs

    82 CDs listed

Comanche Language DVDs

   95 DVDs listed

Beginner's Packet for New Learners


July-August-September 2010 (Vol #13 #3)

First Indian Language Periodical

     Published in U.S. (1835)

Comanches In Early Kansas

     Speech of Silver Brooch

Diary of Samuel A. Kingman

     Signing Medicine Lodge Treaty

     in 1865

Vra Comanche People

     2010-2011 Budget Passed

     with 73% in Favor

Chief Wild Horse

     From the Chronicles of

     Comanche County



Oct-Nov-Dec 2010 (Vol. 13 #4)

Alonzo Moss Sr., Arapaho Speaker

     Honored at American Indian Exposition

Trickster Tale

     History of Story Telling

     Why The Bobcat Stays in the Woods

          (told by Maunkee Blackbear)

Doris Duke Collection

     Medicine Men and Their Work

          (by Sarah Pohocsucut)

The Lord's Prayer on CD

     spoken by Vivian Pahcheka Holder

Comanche Hymns II, new CD Available

     by Marla Nauni



Jan-Feb-Mar 2011 (Vol 14 #1)

Internet Sites About Comanches

Wintertime Stories:

     Mary Poafpabitty Niedo:

        (from Doris Duke Collection):

        The Water Bird

      Alice Blackbear Tahbone

         (from Trickster Tales)

         How Sainday Brought The Buffalo

         Sainday and Whirlwind Maiden

         Why All Prairie Dogs Are Brown

     Emily Riddles:

          (from Comanche Texts)

           The Bull and the Mule Story

           Story About An Indian Woman's Little Dog



Apr-May-June 2011 (Vol 14 #2)

Our Hearts Are Broken

Obituary of Penny Cable

Comanche Language CDs List

Comanche Language DVDs List

Beginner's Packet

Products For Sale, go to:


July-Aug-Sept 2011 (Vol 14 #3)

Mother Earth Water Walk from Lisa Pewenofkit-Powers

Elliott Canonge Family Update

Comanche Hymn Singing

'Neath August Sun 1901 (Book)

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Oct-Nov-Dec 2011 (Vol 14 #4)

Indian Trail Trees

'Neath August Sun excerpts:


Noted Indians of Comanche County

More Noted Indians

Another Story of Indians

Old Comanche Names

Treaty of 1835; Treaty of 1846;

Treaty of 1853; Treaty of 1865; and

Treaty of 1867

Comanche Bands

Raising Bilingual Kids

Comanche Language Classes


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Jan-Feb-Mar 2012 (Vol 15 #1)

Southern Plains Honors Elders:

Vernon Cable and

Beth Glazebrook

Comanche Language Teacher Honored:

Rita Coosewoon

AARP News for Indians:


Indian Trail Tree Book Available:

Comanche Stories For Winter Time:

The Rats and the Bat

The Two Women Who Saw a Snake

Indians Shoot at Mountain Lion

Little Rabbit Dreams of Carrots

The Rabbit and Turtle Race

Typical Sunday


April-May-June 2012

Plants Used by Comanches

Internet Search on Comanche Medicine

Traditional Uses of Buffalo

Nice Words about Our Dictionary

'Neath August Sun, 1901 story:

Story told by Robert P. Chaat

Beginner's Packet


July-Aug-Sept 2012

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