The most important item we send out in the packet is the 25 minute Sounds and Spelling DVD.  If you will watch the DVD over and over again until you have those sounds memorized it will help you tremendously when you pronounce the written Comanche word.

 We wish you luck in your efforts to learn your language of heritage.

CDs & DVDs

In 2005, at the Annual Comanche General Council meeting, a "Learning To Speak Comanche" Project developed by the Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee was presented and voted to go on the ballot for a referendum vote.  It passed and the project was implemented during 2006 and concluded in 2009. 


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Comanche people have increased efforts in recent years to insure the language of our ancestors remains a constant part of everyday Comanche life. 
A Beginner’s Packet was developed for the “Learning To Speak Comanche” special project that was implemented in 2005 and concluded in 2009. 


If you are interested in the "Beginner's Packet" and are an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, contact us to request a packet.  You will need to provide you full name, your CDIB and current mailing address.  Because we are funded by the Tribe, you must be enrolled with a CDIB number in order for us to send this packet to you at no cost -- sorry, no exceptions.  For those who are not enrolled, you may order the Beginner's Packet for $70, which includes shipping & handling costs.

Beginner's Packet 

A beginners packet is available that includes the Comanche Dictionary, a DVD, a Picture Dictionary and a set of 3 Flash Cards both with accompanying CD's. See below for ordering information

It includes:

  • The revised Comanche Dictionary with English to Comanche translation;

  • DVD # 332 that teaches the Comanche Sound System;

  • A Picture Dictionary;

  • CD #81 for the Picture Dictionary;

  • A set of three Flash Cards; and

  • CD #82 for all the Flash Card words.
Over the years, the CLCPC has accumulated quite a few VHS and home movie tapes, in addition to many, many audio cassettes, from various activities.  With help from the Language Immersion office at the Complex, we were able to transfer the movies into a DVD format, and we transferred the audio cassettes to CDs ourselves.   We offer the CDs and DVDs to enrolled tribal members at no cost.  We have listed the CDs and DVDs with an identification number and ask you order using that number.  

Please download the following links to view the lists of CDs and DVDs.



You must be an enrolled tribal member and provide your CDIB, full name and current mailing address when requesting a CD or DVD.

Requests can be made by e-mail, regular mail, by phone, or by simply filling out the form below.

You may request up to five (5) per family, but you may place another request in three weeks.

Please keep in mind that we are not professional movie or audio makers.